As a grassroots collective of both professional and amateur historians, we are always eager to build our database and share your passion for local history. Please spend a little time surfing our library to see what other folks have done and to get an idea of the kinds of things we are hoping to help you publish.


Please read, print, sign and mail our contributor's agreement.


The most important aspect of all contributions is historical accuracy. We also think it important that all content is engaging, and written for popular consumption. Everyone on the intellectual spectrum, from junior high students to professional scholars, should find your contribution entertaining and informative. And though we will not shy away from controversial topics covered in a thought provoking and objective manner, we shun highly biased editorializing and inflammatory debate.


We are particularly interested in short essays. We are primarily looking for pieces that are 500-1000 words long and discuss the historic people, places, and events in your home town. But the internet gives us room for much longer stories, features and news. We would love to see:

Basically, we would like you to write about the unique facets of your community; with special attention paid to the kind of historical information that you think a broader audience would want to read.


However, we are aiming for objectivity and truth above all. At this time, we are not interested in running opinion pieces, rants, historical fiction, or any cheerleader-like 'puff pieces' for a specific business.


Please read our submission guidelines for writing. We offer this article to help you with your research and writing your own articles.


We also provide a platform for publishing historical photographs. We are intrigued with documentary photos of places that no longer exist, old postcards, modern photos of historically significant architecture, and portraits of important figures in your community's history. We are particularly interested in the juxtaposition of historic and contemporary photographs of the same location. Here are the submission guidelines for photographs.


Additionally, we will be launching a documentary video contest in the not too distant future. We are excited that anyone with a smart phone or flip camera can shoot high resolution video and then use their laptop to edit a broadcast quality film. Again, we only accept non-fiction works.


We are also a place where you can publish historically significant family stories. If you have original letters from the Civil War or a journal from the Oregon Trail or your grandpa's self-published memoir on building the original trans-continental railroad, this is the place to share that material. If you have done extensive research on your famous or infamous ancestor and want to share that story, this is the place. Whereas is a great place to research and share your genealogy, we are not looking for a simple family tree; we are looking for personal stories with universal appeal. As we link with more and more genealogical societies, our goal is to provide local experts to help you with digging up long dead ancestors. We can be a resource to help you connect with professional genealogists. Please contact us with inquiries.




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