About Historic Illinois

"Our goal is to help a community fall in love with itself

through a celebration of their local history."

Illinois Sculptor Loredo Taft
 Historic Illinois is helping local historical societies to:
  • build interactive websites
  • digitize their collection
  • post both original and transcribed documents
  • generate original historical research
  • provide a place for folks to publish their findings
  • produce monthly e-newsletters
  • develop interactive, multi-media exhibits
  • and produce a broader range of public programs, including lectures, performances, and workshops
  • all of this will increase foot traffic into their museums, generate historical tourism, and add to the revitalization efforts of these communities!

In other words we are helping these museums stride forward into the 21st century.

Our mission is to inspire a broad audience to participate in the research and creation of historical content for a large, publicly accessible database. This translates directly into increased interest, traffic, and income for these non-profit organizations. This in turn will assist them in publicizing local events, building incentives for membership, and promoting historical tourism. Through partnerships with local educators, students, colleges, historical societies, historians, and other interested parties we will obtain accurate and reliable historical content. The transformation of local history into something new and vibrant with global connections is our aim, proving that history is a living, breathing, ongoing experience. We can all be active players instead of passive spectators in the creation of our shared history!


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